Website Design

Web Page Design
This includes creation of a custom graphic design. If you already have a corporate identity or logo you use, your site can be created to match your existing standards. You can add as many pages as you wish at this price.

Promotional Pages
These pages are generally used once, or for a limited time and usually contain a very direct sales pitch and a form for prospects to input contact information. When used in conjunction with an e-mail message or banner advertisement, they can be a very effective way to gather sales leads. These types of pages may also be called “landing” or “fulfillment” pages. If you’d like more information on how to use these pages, or their effectiveness, please contact me.

HTML E-mail Design
Basically a web page designed for e-mail. Price varies depending on what you’re thinking about doing. Billed at an hourly rate.

Banners and Buttons
Need a banner or button designed for some advertising space you would like to rent? Contact me and let’s bounce around some ideas. Billed at an hourly rate.